Why is this site different to the thousands of others on the net?

This site features ordinary everyday men, not professional models.

There are no flashy film studios or sets which helps keep it real and allows the cost for each video to be kept low.

There is no acting. Men volunteer and agree to give themselves to The Boss, but everything is real. There are no rehearsals and no script. The reactions on the mens' faces are genuine - you can't fake real nerves and fear! Call it REALITY PORN.

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! You just pay and download the videos that you want when you want. Once downloaded, they are yours to keep. Enjoy!

Here's What Happens...
Joss signing the contract THE BOSS advertises for male 'photographic' models aged 18-35: no experience necessary. He then targets applicants who he most wants to exploit and get into bed - Doable Barkers - and then offers them a chance to do something way beyond what they ever imagined! Once they sign the contract, The Boss owns those few hours of their life and can do whatever he wants with the footage!
They are challenged to play a game that if they win, they get a cash prize. However, if they lose, they have to do forfeits as well as submitting to The Boss. The game is simple - guess the colour of the Boss's underwear. For each wrong guess the sub takes off an item of clothing. If they are naked before guessing correctly, they lose. Will taking his clothes off
Tom tied up and getting his chest shaved

Forfeits can include being shaved:
apart from the hair on the sub's head, it can be whatever The Boss chooses. He can be cruel or kind - he's the one in control.

Another possible forfeit is being hit hard with a leather belt.
The number of times that the sub is hit is decided by the roll of a dice.

Paul getting his hard with a leather belt
Josh walking across a hotel lobby in white speedos
Public humiliation is something that some guys gamble.
This can be anything from walking around a public pool in tight speedos to receiving room service naked. Whatever the scenario, subs who are foolish enough to risk this forfeit are left feeling embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated.

A Doable Barker is someone who The Boss wants to Fuck.
With reluctant straight guys, or anal virgins, he often makes this one of the forfeits for losing at the guessing game. If a sub gets to meet The Boss, then you know they are gonna get fucked by him. No ass escapes.

Brian losing his virginity
Jed tied naked to the bed and being inspected by a stranger
One of the most popular forfeits involves the sub being used by a stranger.
The stranger is anyone of The Boss's choosing. It could be an older bear, or a rough twink, but whoever it is, the sub must do whatever they demand! These strangers are only out for themselves and show no mercy.

Videos also feature naked exercises.
Most guys feel embarrassed at having to do naked star jumps, jogging and sit-ups. The Boss enjoys watching their dick and balls bouncing up and down.

Hung Brian doing naked star jumps
Nathan has his balls inspected

Subs are inspected a close quarters.
The Boss comments on their body and compares the size of their dick to the other guys who he has used.

Most guys are trained to do footworship. The Boss knows what he likes and he very clearly instructs subs as to what to do. And if it isn't bad enough that these guys are on their knees licking feet, they have the added humiliation of being completely naked with everything on show to those watching.

Hayden with a boner worshipping feet
Danny sucking his first cock

Some subs are made to suck dick.
Straight guys in particular can find this difficult, which makes The Boss even more determined to make them do it.

The Boss is a true master at training ass.
Whether he's working with a tight virgin ass, or a more experienced one, The Boss knows exactly what to do. With the aid of his special formula lube, most subs are amazed at what he gets their ass to do.

The Boss putting on latex gloves before training Ed's ass
Tom shooting cum over his own face
Some subs are made to cum for the camera.
The Boss enjoys milking sub boys, especially straight guys who never in their wildest dreams thought they'd be made to shoot their load at the hands of another guy. For some, this is the ultimate humiliation.

For the final shot, subs are tied up and left feeling helpless as The Boss jerks off over their face.
Most guys look ashamed with themselves as they lie there with The Boss's cum dripping down their face, the realisation of what they've done (and the fact that the world is going to be able to see it) suddenly dawning on them.
Tied up Danny's face dripping with The Boss's cum