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Clive – Introductory Offer

Age: 26

WARNING!: This video includes full frontal male nudity and is aimed at people who like genuine humiliation and bondage. Scenes include naked workouts, foot worship, hard spanking and body shaving. There are also close of shots of anal toys being used as well as penetration. This video does not attempt to portray any sexual activity as anything other than consensual.

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In this introductory offer, you can watch all the scenes where I, THE BOSS, train this inexperienced 'straight' guy. If at anytime you want to upgrade to the full video which includes Clive's audition and the session with a stranger, just use the coupon code included with this purchase.

I'm pleased that Clive is brave enough to risk all 4 forfeits because I thought that he was hot! And what do hot guys need? A shower! After losing the gamble, his public humiliation task is to strip naked and walk around a gym locker room. He has to brush his teeth in the nude and when he comes out of the shower, he has to keep his small towel around his shoulders, allowing other guys to see his dick!

Once back at my base, I get him naked again and train him to serve, firstly with foot worship and then with his ass.

Once tied to the bed, it's time for Clive's next forfeit, so I shave his fit body, including his cock and balls.

He is obviously inexperienced with fingering and toys, so I give him thorough training before giving him a good fucking.

This video comes with a code allowing you to purchase Clive's full video for 70% off the listed price.*

In the full video, you can watch a shy Clive's audition video where he has to dance about in bulge revealing briefs. You also get to watch Clive putting his training into practice when THE BOSS invites a stranger to come and use him, as well as watching THE BOSS blow his load over his face.

* Can't be used in conjunction with other coupons.

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