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George – Part 1

Age: 22

WARNING!: As well as having a focus on humiliation, this video includes full frontal male nudity including close up shots. The content of this feature is of a BDSM nature and includes explicit sexual activity including rimming, the use of sex toys, oral and anal sex. There are also scenes of tickling, shaving and foot worship.  Although the scenario behind this shoot is entirely real, this video does not intend to suggest that any activity, sexual or otherwise, is anything other than consensual.


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Throughout his shoot George seems to be dumbed by nerves. He comes across as sweet and innocent with a cheeky impish smile. He is vague about his prior experiences which always makes me suspicious.

Cautious George does not want to be spanked but gambles shaving, taking my cum in his mouth, public humiliation and being used by a stranger as his forfeits should he lose at the guessing game which he inevitably does.

Gorge is really not keen on foot worship but he doesn’t want to disappoint me so obediently forces himself to do as instructed despite baulking.

George is just as vague about being ticklish as he is about much he’s done with other men. A few minutes later and my wiggly fingers have discovered the answer to his ticklishness. He takes a gulp when I remind him that he gambled the shaving forfeit but before he can say anything, the hairs are already pilling up on top of his torso and around George’s nipples.

He really starts to look apprehensive when I tell him that I’m about to explore his arse, but he dutifully does everything that I demand, including posing for a rather embarrassing photo with a toy mouse (his public humiliation task). His arse then comes under assault from my tongue, fingers and toys.

After making his arse training I order him to suck me off. We then progress to the fucking part of the session. I notice George nervously wringing his hands and he shyly admits to being a virgin. There’s no shame in that. However, there is perhaps some shame in having your first time on camera for everyone to watch. His expression afterwards certainly suggests that this is the case. However, he isn’t allowed time to mourn his lost innocence – he has a stranger to please…

Watch George's Physical Examination HERE

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